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Design and technology

Our design process goes far deeper than simply the way your project looks. We want to craft a fantastic experience for the people who will actually be using your website or application, whether these are your customers, your employees, or someone else entirely. We will get inside their heads, and produce interfaces that are straightforward to use, organise information so that it is easy to grasp, and design visuals that are engaging and that communicate your message.

Our current technologies of choice include Ruby on Rails, Flash with ActionScript 3, jQuery and HTML5. We strive for mastery in the tools we use, while also keeping abreast of new developments in the fast-paced internet industry. You get the benefit of quality work with established technologies, with the assurance that the solution we build for you will not quickly become outdated.

Business benefits

We believe that technology shouldn't be employed simply for its own sake. Our solutions are always designed and built with real goals in mind, and we pride ourselves in taking the time to really understand your business, the problems you face, and the opportunities you want to seize. Having worked with clients from a wide variety of industries, we have the experience to advise exactly where and how the web can be used to your best advantage.

At the very start of the planning process, we will act as an active partner, helping you figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve, and suggesting new possibilities that you may not have thought of. After your project is launched, we can monitor and analyse usage, and adjust things in the light of real-world data. Throughout, we aim to be engaged in the full context of your business, and not just the product we are building.

Chris - The Brains

Since his first professional web development project in 2000, Chris has focused on the technical side of producing websites and web applications. At Odegy he works mainly on the backend programming (usually in Ruby on Rails) and associated parts of front end development (semantic HTML and JavaScript) that make interactive websites tick. He's also responsible for server management and other infrastructure work. »

David - The Looks

David has been designing and developing with Flash and ActionScript for nearly a decade, and cares deeply about making great user experiences. In his spare time, you'll usually find him working on his latest game idea. »

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